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Do you have an idea that can change the world?
We can help you bring it to life!

Work with corporate partners, expand your business
and strenghten ties in the region.
If you are from the V4 countries

Meet potential business partners from V4 region (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) and gain access to the global market. Dare to change and bring solutions that have a real impact on society. One startup from each of the V4 countries will be selected by Design Terminal and its local partner organisations. Two people of the selected startups join a 7-day long training session at Design Terminal in Budapest & a 10-day long networking tour in the V4 countries.

Why choose us

Business meetings

During the mobility and networking tour your startup will have at least 3 business meetings (12 altogether) per V4 country, organised locally by Design Terminal and the local partners.


Design Terminal provides scholarship during the development program and during the mobility and networking tour, without taking equity!

Accommodation & Travel costs

Design Terminal covers all travel costs and provides accommodation during the development program and during the mobility and networking tour.


We offer a 7-day long training in a coworking space with diverse, international mentors and workshops. Your startup will be guided by the best business experts during the workshops.

Network & community

You will have access to Design Terminal’s Alumni and you can also get connections to professional partners and other similar startups.

Who we are looking for?

  • Your startup is based in the V4 region and one of the founders has Czech, Hungarian, Polish or Slovakian nationality
  • Your startup has a real impact on society
  • Your product or service can have an added value for corporate partners
  • At least two people are willing to spend 7 days in Budapest and 10 more days in the V4 countries
  • Your team has the business and tech knowledge
  • You already have a client and are able to work on a pilot project
  • Your product or service is future-proof
  • Your business is scalable
  • Timing is everything

    • 11 March – 31 March
    • 1-3 April
    • 4 April
      Video interview with the selected teams
    • 5 April
      End of selection, notifying the selected startups
    • 6-22 May

    About Design Terminal

    Design Terminal has been involved in business talent management since 2014. Our mission is to build bridges between startups and market leaders. As a regional, non-profit organisation we incubate social impact startups. 1/3 of the applicants for our mentoring program are from abroad.


    Partnership countries


    International mentors


    Incubated startups

    The European Commission recognised our efforts by the European Enterprise Promotion Award (EEPA) in 2014, and in 2016 we obtained the award for the best Hungarian accelerator, as part of the Central European Startup Awards.

    We are already working together with

    Our partners


    Contacting the best startups and organising the meetings locally

    We explore and select
    the best startups together


    Ensuring the continuous professional supervision of the program


    is an international donor organization established in 2000 by the governments of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries—Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia—to promote regional cooperation in the V4 region as well as between the region and other countries, especially those in the Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership regions. The Fund does so by awarding grants, scholarships and artist residencies. The Fund’s annual budget is €8 million and it consists of equal contributions of the V4 governments.

    MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

    The MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program is a part of the global MIT Enterprise Forum network, which has branches throughout the United States, Greece, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, Pakistan and the Pan Arab region. By now, Poland has been the only country in Central and Eastern Europe where acceleration of start-ups under the MIT Enterprise Forum brand is carried out.


    is an international co-working space for early stage startups, aspiring entrepreneurs and students based in Mlynska dolina, Bratislava. Since opening its doors, they have welcomed members from 14 different countries, making its environment truly international and diverse.


    is a navigation company for innovators. From day 1 they provide their entrepreneurs with 4 crucial things to make them fly - financial investment, specialised mentoring, personal development and important skills.

    Frequently asked questions

    Any startup registered in a V4 country (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland or Slovakia), with a founder with a citizenship of one of the four countries.

    Nothing. If your startup is selected, it’s completely FREE to attend at the program. The travel cost and the accomodation is covered during the mentoring program and the mobility and networking tour, and Design Terminal provides scholarship, which is more than just pizza money.

    We expect full dedication for the program, which means that two members of your startup have to travel to Budapest and participate in the 7-day long training session, and then spend 10 more days at a networking tour to the other V4 countries.

    The whole program will be in English.

    We are happy to help out with any questions! Just drop us a message at v4suf@designterminal.org.